2 thoughts on “Conspiracy

  1. What do you think, what would be better for Israel: Iran as it is now, half-isolated and underdeveloped, or prosperous, democratic Iran, with the American type of democracy?
    Be careful what you wish for, one day it may come true. ;)

    1. I certainly don’t want Iran with the American type of “democracy”. The American two-party system is very faulty from the outset. Furthermore, they go to very bloody wars without very good reasons and without actually asking Americans, which is what democracy is supposed to be about, and most people don’t really want to start wars. Kicking Saddam’s ass was, by itself, a good thing, but the whole process around it was full of damn lies.

      I would love Iran with a true democracy, though – a country which is ruled by its people. And let them be prosperous, i don’t mind. What would be a good example? Iceland, maybe?..

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