YouTube may be a competitor to Wikipedia as one of the most massively multilingual sites on the web.

Many people who comment there don’t seem to care that English is the lingua franca of the web. They just write in Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Catalan and Croatian and it creates a soup of languages. And that is a Very Good Thing. It makes languages seen and promotes tolerance. Variety and tolerance are mighty good.


4 thoughts on “You

  1. Nggeh Mas. Sampun Mas, tapi Wong Jowo bisa ngomong sing Boso Jawa ng kuno kaya mriki.
    Yes Sir. Excuse us Sir, but We Javanese can also speak Javanese even the archaic form like this. Unfortunately Unicode has not gotten around to finalising Javanese script- a langauge spoken by 120+ million people- more than Japanese, Thai, Greek, Khmer or Hebrew.

    Please hurry to finalize Javanese (hanacaraka also known as Aksara Jawa) so we may keep our language in its’ most refined form alive and well- without having to waste internet space with GIF, BMP and JPG to replace the written script.

    I humbly beg your permission to leave (compulsory Javanese excuse to leave conversation)
    PS Shalom.

    1. I do not represent the Unicode consortium. “Aharoni in Unicode” is just a name of this blog.

      You should go to the website and ask the people there to finalize Javanese.

      I heard about your language and script. I wish you luck!

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