I was riding my new iPod, i mean Segway, and trying out different things. Like weird turns and jumps and stuff. Really easy and fun.

Then i tried going downstairs. I heard that iPod is able to do it. (Did i say iPod? I meant Segway.) It actually worked like magic: The wheels took the right shape and started climbing downstairs. I felt very stable.

Then i suddenly noticed a wheel. An iPod—damn it!—A Segway wheel! Now that was worrying. I saw someone else climbing down with his iP…Segway, but his wheels look fine. I looked down at my wheels and alas, i indeed was missing a wheel. This thing’s safety is great if it can stably climb stairs with wheels missing!

As i arrived at the bottom of the stairs, i parked my iPod at the iPod parking, which promptly disappeared, complete with my iPod. Hold on a minute! This is too much. First—i should stop confusing iPod and Segway all the time; second—why is it disappearing? I can understand the real estate problem, but how am i supposed to find it now? I came closer and it reappeared. Oh, the wonders of technology.

I called a few of my friends so they could come and see this wondrous new toy of mine. While waiting for them i knelt down to fix the missing wheel. After a few seconds someone grabbed my leg and started pulling me up to the sky. At about 50 meters i saw my friends naked and frightened on the ground.

I was rising up quickly. The view was beautiful, but the situation, quite naturally, freaked my out. I realized that the one who was pulling my up was probably God. Soon afterward, someone—God, i guessed—started tapping on my upper left arm.

Actually it was just Hadar. She said that i made looked scared and weird during this dream.


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