Reality – Start-Up

Roladin - Start-Up
Roladin - Start-Up

Roladin bakery and cafeteria were building a branch on Habarzel street where i work. So they put up a teaser – “Roladin Start-Up”. Like, it’s a street full of start-ups. When they finally opened, it turned out to be more than a gimmick:

Roladin - Feminism
Roladin - Feminism

They have a business lunch for guys and a business lunch for girls! A brilliant idea.

Fuck feminism.


2 thoughts on “Reality – Start-Up

  1. O tempora, o mores—do i really have to be so rude to make you comment? :)

    I don’t really know how “feminist” it is, but it is a fresh look on reality and it’s probably OK.

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