An open letter to Amazon.com:


I’ve been shopping with Amazon.com since about 2002 and now i suddenly see that my order history and wish list are completely gone. My order history is empty and my wish list, which used to have about 20 pages of CD’s and books that i planned to buy now only has 3 CD’s that i added to it today. (Dengue Fever, a superb band i discovered today.)

Can you please restore it? I guess that i can live without the history of spending my hard-earned money, but that wish list was a work of art on which i worked for years and i am shocked to see it disappearing into the limbo without any warning.



2 thoughts on “Wish

  1. did you discover dengue fever via my tag-line?

    anyhow, they have a myspace page, where you can order CD directly from them (at least i think directly from them).


  2. didn’t read the below post.

    thanks, they’re really something. glad to see my tag line strategy works. perhaps i should consider a blog.

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