Almost Made Me Cry – Chicken

Driving alone on Kvish 6. Putting on I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One. That’s right, the album that opened my “Made Me Cry” series.

I already expect that i’ll cry of happiness from listening to this brilliant record.

And then i see a truck of cows that are going to die. No happiness.

And then i also realized that the opening track is titled “Return to Hot Chicken”. Great. Everything is broken.

Actually i should try to suppress and forget this stupid experience.


3 Responses to “Almost Made Me Cry – Chicken”

  1. 1 smallbluething 2008-05-21 at 15:25

    Salam, yermanelo!

    Did you think seriously about going veg? If clicked “yes”, be ready to stand out for nonsense comments, but it’s worthy of it.

    _there are a few pals welcoming you at mine’s, hope you drop by and say “Hola” back :)

  2. 2 aharoni 2008-05-21 at 15:30

    Oh, i wanted to write back, but i didn’t have time to sit and write a reply in good Spanish. When i say “good”, i mean that i check every word with the dictionary and the verb tables. Don’t tell me that i shouldn’t bother so hard, because I LOVE IT! How was my Spanish writing until now?

    About going veg—i’ve been thinking seriously about going since i was 5 until i was 25, and then i finally went veg. Now i’m 28 and very happy about being veg.

  3. 3 Small Blue Thing 2008-05-24 at 17:01

    It was totally ok _maybe some plurals, although I guess that’s because of using more than 2 languages a time. I told the guys to write calmly, as it’s hard to me to translate, and some of my arab friends actually read me via Babelfish. I can’t imagine the chaos that some of my posts can create :P

    I’m still open to exchange lessons, and thinking about a platform to discuss… maybe a comunal blog, a forum? Don’t know.

    About being an animalist, well, that’s a matter more to be bothered _recently I was told by a resident troll at a spanish forum how could I love animals and be ok with stoning women alive!! :/ Nevertheless, when someone is ok to listen, will listen. If doesn’t want to, never will, and it’s not worthy of your time. If you don’t go simple sometimes, you can drive insane.

    Buenaventura que tengás, galano!

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