What do you know—my persona is being discussed and lied about in Spanish. And it doesn’t even have anything to do with my Catalan studies, but with my being an “Ashkenazi Jew”. It’s been a long time since anybody called me an “Ashkenazi Jew”, so it’s quite funny.

Small Blue Thing, i really welcome you to be my friend —and even sister if you want—, because i am happy about having friends around the world—i have friends from Belarus, USA, Serbia, UAE, Iran, Lebanon, Argentina, Catalonia, Valencia, Mallorca and a whole lot of other places. I am especially happy about any opportunity to practice my very poor Spanish. But please don’t quote me incorrectly.


2 thoughts on “Mentiras

  1. Hey, walaikum Salaam, you got an answer ;)

    _I’ll promise to post about our dialogue, I’m just packaging for a beach break and have only a second for answering. But moments like this are worthy of reflection and work, that’s how peace and justice get built.

    I’m happy we’re still connected, shouting dialogue is always better than mute suspicion :D (and by the way I’m diplomated ELE teacher, so we can arrange some online classes if you’d like: you learn spanish and I increase my Judaica knowledge).

    And… well, sorry. My sefardi roots have always brought me problems with european jews. They forgive me for being a muslim and a communist, but being sefardi… a dude told me it’s “not so pure”. One single experience made me having bad prejudices.

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