Reality – Christ

Christ will come and show everybody

“Christ will come and show everyone”

This graffiti is scribbled on the Tel Aviv end of bus line 480 – Tel Aviv-Jerusalem. It is there for a few years already and now i finally took a picture of it. It is one of my favorite pieces of street art, ever.


5 thoughts on “Reality – Christ

  1. > Also – Alex G is a turkey!

    Yep. There’s a lot of other graffiti there, but this one stands out.

    > The artist was talking about the First coming though.

    Hmm, unlikely. In the Jewish sense – yes, we are just expecting the first coming, but the Russian-Greek word Христос is never used in the Jewish sense of Messiah. Also, the “show everyone” part sounds more like Armageddon and less like Golgotha.

    If you ask me, then both of those lovely places in Israel suffered undeservedly bad publicity. Tel Aviv is the real punishment for man’s sins.

  2. And… if I may ask – why is it one of your favorite pieces of street art? Sorry, but I don’t understand…

    Of, course, I understand you don’t believe in Christ, even less in his teachings, but – what’s so funny about that graffito, to become yours favorite?

    I mean, it is obvious it was written by some orthodox Russian who believes in that stuff, but, whay is it of any interest to you? I don’t get it…

    My dear Mr Aharoni… by now, you surely know how much I like Jewish people and it’s culture, but, with every comment you make about the Russians, you put that fondness to the test.
    I mean, will you, the fine Jewish men and women, ever make peace with Christianity? Or will it stay for ever an unpleasant pebble in your shoes? Hoh, man…
    I mean – c’mon, we live in the 21st century…
    I mean – if I can accept that you trully believe that you are the only chosen people BY G-D on Earth… C’mooon…

    Yo’re so about tolerance and understanding and peaceful co-existance, but when I take a closer look, I see nothing more but … what? I’m not sure about it yet, you still confuse mi much, but… I don’t like it, man.
    In any of your comments abouth Christianity, especially the Orthodox, especailly the Russain – ther’s always some negative aspect, outspoken or hiddeen…

    Oh, yeah… I know… it’s just mine projected anti-semitism, that must be it…

    You know, you pushed me away from your blog with that kind of sht and I don’t really know why I come back…

    Even worse, you make me wondering if all the Jews i know, which are the real friends of ours – are just like you? Coool, I like you, we are the pals, but I really dislike the very essence of yours being….

    Of course, of coure… there’s must be something wrong with me… sorry for bothering – I’ll really try not to do that any more. GDdamnit!

  3. Wow, do you take some stuff too seriously.

    I made peace with Christianity long ago. Actually i believe that some of Christ’s teachings are great.

    And it is NOT so obvious that it was written by some orthodox Russian. It’s much more likely that it was someone’s joke. I don’t think that a serious Christian would do a graffiti in this style.

    It is one of my favorite pieces of street art, because it just sounds funny. It begins seriously: “Christ will come!…” and ends in a joke: “… and show everyone”. I don’t know about other languages, but in Russian this phrase is usually used in contexts such as: “You’ve been a naughty boy, wait until the father comes home – he’ll show you!”

    And it is possible to have fun about it exactly because we live in the 21st century.

    Mind you – fun. There’s absolutely nothing negative here.

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