Reality – Which one’s Pink?

Pink Floyd - Sarit Hadad

There’s no business like show business.

Some salesman put Pink Floyd and Sarit Hadad on one banner, which advertises a DVD sale.

In Wikipedia there are articles in eight languages about Sarit Hadad. This seemed weird at first, but the reason for that is probably that she appeared in the Eurovision song contest. Reading about Hadad in German and Hungarian is very sobering, even though i don’t understand either of those languages.


2 Responses to “Reality – Which one’s Pink?”

  1. 1 MeahevServi 2008-01-07 at 20:54

    In Wikipedia there are articles in eight languages about Sarit Hadad

    Ok, I understand… You are not such a big fan of Sarit Hadad…

    With her music, she can approach to almost any heart in Serbia….

    So, please, as an experianced Wikipedia dude, I am asking you – how can I write an article about her in Serbian Wikipedia? I would really like to do that. And I really wouldn’t mind the time and effort. That also stands for Zahava Ben, Eyal Golan, Ehud Banay and some others Israeli (Jewish) artists. Subliminal – Ya’akov Kobi Shimoni, of course, and some others…

    How can I write about them in Serbian Wiki?
    Can you help me, please?

  2. 2 aharoni 2008-01-08 at 10:57

    It’s not that i hate her so much. She’s just completely unrelated to Pink Floyd.

    Wikipedia – i’ll gladly help.

    First, you should open an account. You can edit anonymously (you will be identified by an IP address), but you might need an account to create a new article, and it has other advantages as well. To open an account go to and click Региструј се/Пријави се at the top.

    Then search for Сарит Хадад (click Иди.) Then click “направити ову страницу”. And the just start writing!

    To understand how formatting works – images, headings, paragraphs etc., look at the source of any page – click “Уреди” at the top.

    The English article about Sarit Hadad is OK, so feel free to translate from it –

    One important tip – copy the “interwiki links” from the English page to your new page. Interwiki links are links to articles in other languages, which appear on the sidebar. To copy them, open the English article for editing, go to the bottom, find all the lines that look like [[de:Sarit Hadad]], [[es:Sarit Hadad]] etc. and copy them to the Serbian page. When your Serbian article is ready, edit the English page and add [[sr:Сарит Хадад]].

    You are welcome to ask me for any more help!

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