The party finds you

I always say that in elections people have to vote. It’s a shame that i don’t have Russian citizenship. The TV there is so full of crap, that there’s no need to fake the vote count in favor of the current ruling party, so my influence wouldn’t be too great, but anyway – votes are great.

But who would i have voted for? To be sure, i took a personality test.

The answer, apparently, is too obvious:

Тест журнала Коммерсантъ ВЛАСТЬ

According to the test my party is The Union of Right Forces, a.k.a. SPS (see also Wikipedia). It is not “right” in the nationalistic sense, but in the liberal-democratic-capitalist sense1. Of course, SPS has a very slim chance of getting into the Duma, but i suppose that i would have voted for them anyway.

1 Ever heard of the Russian Reversal? The party whose name is “Liberal-Democratic” (Flash; see also Wikipedia) professes an ideology, which is populist and mildly national-socialist.

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