Punctuation With a Smiley

… And Artemy Lebedev again. He finally raised an important question – how to write punctuation marks near the smiley emoticon?

His proposal:

  • A smiley is separated from a word with a space – i agree.
  • If there’s a punctuation mark after the smiley, it is not separated from the smiley by a space – i don’t agree. I think that Are you ghey or what? :-) looks better than Are you ghey or what :-)?
  • A period never comes after a smiley – i totally agree :-)
  • A smiley can be combined with a closing brace (in the case that it was opened somewhere :-) – i agree. (Although i used to write like this in the past :) )

People who don’t think that this question is important shouldn’t be allowed to use email.


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