OK, i just can’t believe this. I just can’t believe this.

Mr Gaydamak,care of Amir Aharoni,


My name is …

… And he goes on to explain that some sporting bodies in Israel conduct competitions from which representatives of this country are then selected to compete overseas on Shabbat. So his son can’t be accepted to the Israeli all-star team, because he is religious and he doesn’t roll on Shabbos. So he wants Mr. Gaydamak to help him with this thing. And i think that his plea is perfectly fair.

P.S.Yes, i didn’t write for a lot of time because i moved to a new apartment, then went to a lovely trip in Catalonia and then started working at a new company. So i don’t have any time for anything, not even for my crumbling academic career.

P.P.S. To the people from NDS who found this humble blog of mine: Hi. I love you all. Life is good.


6 thoughts on “Roll

  1. Seriously?
    Amir, do you still drive on Saturday?
    I think the man is just looking for a reason to whine. First let his son prove himself to be worthy of representing Israel overseas. Second, what exactly does he expect Gaydamak to do? Put the Sabbath on a bus to Eilat?
    Where do you stand on separation of church and state?

  2. I drive on Saturday.

    His problem is that his son cannot prove that he is worthy, because the proving part only happens on Saturdays.

    He says in his email: “The purpose of this is not to prohibit sport on Shabbat, but to ensure that all citizens in the country can compete equally and be selected fairly, based on their sporting merits alone.”

    Of course church should be separated from the state, but you can’t be blind to the fact that quite a lot of people in this country DON’T FUCKING ROLL on Saturday. He only asks that every once in a while the relevant sporting society will hold the tests for the Israeli Olympic team on some other day.

    So the Shabbat part is not the scary part. The scary part is this: What does Mr. Gaydamak have to do with this thing?

  3. Did I tell you his driver almost ran me over with his big, black Hummer on Even Gvirol?

  4. Gaydamak’s driver? Урод.

    Hummers are stupid.

    There are a lot of Hummers and lesser 4×4’s on the street where i work. And, well, on the street where i live, too.

    I am a little disconnected from the environment lately.

  5. You’re living in Denia.
    I’d call that disconnected from the entire country.
    Almost like Kfar Shmaryahu…

  6. As weird as it is, it was the cheapest place we could find.

    I still hate it, though. It’s too far from the train station and there’s no convenient place to practice rollerblading.

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