At 01:45 am i received this SMS from a number i didn’t recognize:

hey amir. the police arrived and breached into the car while we found the person who work in nds and left is car here.-Y. Y.

The sender wrote his full name and it is Israeli; it is kept for privacy. NDS is the company in which i still work.

I already slept, so i ignored the beeps from the phone and only read it in the morning. First i was panicky – police? car? breach?, then i was angry – why does he bother to write in English if he can’t?

My car was parked outside and everything was OK. I called him and he didn’t have any idea what was it about. Maybe he works for the leasing company. I don’t know.

Why can’t people just write in their own natural mother tongue? I work in an environment where English is the default and sometimes it is understandable, because it is an international company, and you can’t expect that a CC’d guy in India or Florida will understand Hebrew. But sometimes it goes way over the top.


2 thoughts on “Breach

  1. I should note that I write all my SMSes in English, because I cannot seem to enter Hebrew using my cellphone and never bothered to find out how. In my previous cellphone, the Hebrew names I could use in the address-book were much more limited in length than the English ones, so I switched to an English interface and English-recorded names.

    I don’t find it uncomfortable to communicate in English.

  2. I know English well, but i prefer to write emails and text messages in Hebrew whenever possible and since about 2000 i write Israeli names in my cellphone in Hebrew. That is a conscious choice.

    What i don’t get is this: Why do people who don’t know English well choose to write in English. This case demonstrates how ridiculous it is. He is Israeli and he sees that my name is Israeli; so why does he write in English? You say that you don’t find it uncomfortable to communicate in English, but did you understand what that guy wanted?

    Maybe he sends SMS messages using software on his computer instead of his cellphone and this software doesn’t support Hebrew. If this is the case, then he should change the software into something that does support Hebrew.

    By the way, Orange clients can send SMS messages using the web interface at It is easier to type the message there and it is cheaper, too; i believe that it supports Hebrew, too. Nevertheless, i never use it, because it is Internet Explorer-only. I told Orange about this, and they didn’t fix it.

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