Hello, funny person

Hello, funny person. You know who you are. Yes, i see your search engine games. No, i am not really a spam expert. No, i am not going to work for Microsoft. No, i don’t dislike Russians. You can stop spamming me now.

For future reference, please note that WordPress cuts the search engine queries after 40 characters.


3 thoughts on “Hello, funny person

  1. Hey, that was me….

    I was in a overly good mood yesterday, so I played a little with your Google tag cloud widget or whatever it’s called. I hope I haven’t offended you with some of those try-to-be-funny queries. Sorry if I have. :(

    Are you a bit grumpy today, or am I tripping? Seems like you took it too seriously… Maybe because of that neo-nazi gang in Petah Tikva? Awful, just awful… somethiong like that to exist in Israel…

    Anyway, sorry once again if I offended you.


  2. Hi there,

    I thought that it was you, but then i tried to outsmart myself and said – “Hmm, someone is posing for MeahevServi”.

    On the other hand, you still didn’t open a WordPress.com account, so you still could anyone posing for MeahevServi …

    (I am not going to work for Microsoft, but for a network security company, so maybe i am starting to adjust my thoughts into paranoid mode.)

    I tried not to sound grumpy. It didn’t really offend me, although some of them were … disturbing :)

    Nazi gang in Petakh Tikva? It’s not very new, actually. Hadar’s parents live there and we visit them almost every week. The local newspapers in PT talked about a gang of Russian bullies that attacked yeshiva boys for years. Now the police finally nailed them, so it became national news. What can i say, some of the Soviet-born Israelis never really understood the point of the Law of Return.

    Oh, and what’s Ryl?

  3. Ryl – Read you later. :D

    Sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you, I wanted to amuse you, but, then it started to be amusing to me, so I lost it. :))) It wasn’t my intention to offend you in any way and, of course, I didn’t mean anything of that, although I do think you are a bit anti-Russian… but that’s all. Sorry if you found some of those stuff I wrote to be offensive or distasteful.

    About neo-nazis in Petakh Tikva…
    You remember that incident, a year ago or so, when an Israeli citizen was attacked in my country and all the media around the world wrote about it? Then I said that Serbia is one of the countries with lowest rate of antisemitic incidents in the world and that the USA, or West Europe – or even Israel – has more severe antisemitism than Serbia… Some Croatian Jews laughed at me, calling me insane etc.
    Well, doesn’t this prove I was right? Unforyunately, seems like I was…

    But… Do you wanto to be really smart about this?
    If so, try to give yourself the answers – why there’s so severe antisemitism in Israel, what are the real reasons for those people to be so…. madly enraged?

    What is frustrating for me about some Jews, especially the American ones – is that they don’t want to know reasons, real reasons. They just say – it’s the 2000 year old antisemitism, it has no reason, but hostility toward us.
    But, it’s not true. Every antisemitic incident is a case for itself and shouldn’t be generalized.

    To find the reasons for modern antisemitism, especially in countries like Serbia, which were always friendly to Jews, doesn’t mean to justify it – it means to reveal the truth about it, to understand forces that drive it.

    I really don’t know why so many Jews simply don’t want to know what’s beyond, underneath these accidents. They just close their eyes and say – it’s antisemitism, all antisemitism is same – it’s bad.

    Yeah, sure, all antisemitisam is bad, but far from that being the same.

    So, I’m not gonna tell you why. But, please, try to figure that out for yourself, at least for antisemitism in Israeli society.


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