Finding Google

It’s been said that you can find almost anything on Google.

But can you find Google on Google? Or anywhere else?

Google has offices in Israel. In Haifa, for example. If you come from Tel Aviv on highway 2, you’ll see on your right a large building with the Google logo, between Microsoft and Intel. To the best of my knowledge they have some engineers there and they also have a marketing office in Tel Aviv.

However, i couldn’t find the exact address of Google Haifa or Tel Aviv anywhere.

I tried Google corporate page. There’s a long list of countries there, and Israel is not included.

I tried searching the domain for “Israel” using Google and Yahoo. Nothing.

I tried to find a contact address where i can send an email to Google. The best i found was a form for press requests; the page about it said “If you aren’t a member of the press and write to this alias, you will not receive a response.” Damn. (If i use WordPress, am i “a member of the press”?)

I tried to find contact info for Google Israel on the Israeli Yellow Pages. I tried searching for “Google” and “גוגל” and found nothing.

Am i stupid?


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