Daily minefield

OK, that’s it. Hadar has to move to Haifa to do her Ph.D. in the Technion.

Which means that i’ll have to leave the beautiful Giv’at Ye’arim and look for a new home and a new job. At least i can be happy that it’s not Tel-Aviv.

In my last round of job hunting everybody happily accepted the CV in the RTF format. This time i tried to use PDF for a change. One workplace already specifically asked me to send it as DOC. Talk about freedom of choice. To hell with PDF, then.

I need to find a job, so i’ll send DOC, but i will only use OpenOffice to edit it.

English Poetry

Hadar asked me to entertain her.

So i read aloud lyrics from Neil Young’s Zuma to her. No music – just recited poetry.

They are quite beautiful to read aloud. Try it.

It’s really fine poetry. Simple to understand, rhymes well. It’s something with which people can easily identify. Hadar said that she didn’t realize that he writes songs about love, too. Me neither.

I sincerely hope that these lyrics will be studied in English classes everywhere. The English language deserves it.

here these themes which I fallen back on

I’m sorry, i know i promised not to post vegetarian spam, but this one is kinda special.

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what is ?

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s even kinda … relevant?

And here’s another small one for dessert:

Are you aware that no credit can be just as bad as bad credit?


Art. Lebedev did it again: Короче. The title means “Shorter”.

You don’t need to know Russian to understand what he says there. The road sign at the first picture says:


The second picture says:

— Lights and seat belt!

Lebedev doesn’t just say that road signs should be shorter. He emphasizes the use of proper typography, which is not just nice, but practical too. In books the dash introduces direct speech, so when the driver sees it, he feels that someone is actually speaking to him and makes him want to do something in response. Proper use of capital and small letters instead of all-capitals makes the sign more easily readable, which is crucially important, ‘cuz you don’t want to make driving harder.

Lebedev doesn’t say much about the exclamation mark, but as a linguist i’d like to add that it is there because it has to be there, because a sentence that starts with a dash just has to end with something. It’s similar to the -es in the sentence “He goes to the bar”: textbooks say that the -es means “third person singular”, but in fact the He is the sign of “third person singular”, and the -es is there simply because the sentence “He go to the bar” would not be considered proper English by most people.

In the USA almost all road signs are just written in English in very short and standard sentences: “SPEED LIMIT”, “STOP”, “FOOD”. It’s not as beautiful as Lebedev’s proposal, but i do think that it is rather practical, because the driver doesn’t need to learn a hundred or so pictograms, like it is in most countries. It has one drawback: The driver has to know English.