I Gotta Move

Oh no.

He came from my home town
He was a prophet
Some kids they put him in the ground
Got coffee
Got donuts
Got wasted
Erased head
And what do they say?
He’s not afraid of the present tense
And talking back is a bad defense
I gotta move
I gotta break
I gotta get me cross the lake
I gotta move


3 thoughts on “I Gotta Move

  1. I saw the Pixies documentary today. They’re so non-heroes, un-heroes, anti-heros…

  2. Hiru from Heroes was a hero.
    And so is Jack Bauer. Only he’s fictional, and unavailable, and over qualified.

  3. Elad,
    Congrats on your excellence award from the Knesset.
    I always knew you had it in ya. :)
    You’re my anti-hero.

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