I waited for it so long – the vegetarian lolcat.

I no can has cheezburgr


2 Responses to “LOLVEG”

  1. 1 Zuikis 2007-11-21 at 22:44

    Cia tau, mano meile.

  2. 2 aharoni 2007-11-22 at 07:27

    How did you find out that i can read Lithuanian? (Sorry, i write Lithuanian very slowly.)

    You probably didn’t mean to do it, but you REALLY helped me to write a paper for the university! I’m writing a paper about words like tai, taip, tas, šis, etc., and you have me the idea to write about the word “Čia”, too. Now this paper will be much better :)

    So – Ačiū!!

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