Reality – The Brand


Thanks for buying one of Hamutag’s products – a line of products from the best manufacturers in Israel and in the World.

I am seeing these quite a lot lately. Own-brands are not so new in Israel. The funny thing about this one is that the word Hamutag simply means “The Brand”.


2 thoughts on “Reality – The Brand

  1. interesting development, but maybe not that surprising after all…they’re saying: you want a brand, yes? a brand is what’s important to you? so here, take that. don’t ask us which brand is it. It’s A brand. In fact, it’s 100% pure brand.

  2. That’s pretty much what i thought, but it also makes me wonder: Does it sell well too? Cuz it could be just a bunch of copyrighters having fun. Like, “Let’s see if the store executives will accept this stupid idea.”

    Crazy People-style…

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