A Prayer for the Intranet

O God!

Please have mercy on IT decision makers who pay money for “web application frameworks” that work only in Internet Explorer. I beg Ye: Forgive them; for they know not what they do.

Please grant Thy great gift of eyesight to the blindfold corporate webmasters who install on Intranets which were given to them for keeping “web-based workflow applications” that employ double-click as a means of interfacing with the user. Therefore, be it known to all dearly beloved webmasters: Render the double-click to desktop applications, and to web applications render the single-click. And may the mercy of God be upon ye all.

Yea, verily i say unto ye, my beloved brethren: Give not your trust to marketing people who sell ye “Intranet portals” which make use of ActiveX; For their cunning mind is not of God, and surely ActiveX is the mark of the Satan of the desktop.

O Lord, please guide your sheep unto the true path of Web Standards; For Thou have created many marvelous computer programs which can access the Internet and thus praise Thy great name.



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