Zoë standing
Zoë sitting

Or neighbor, a dog-lover himself, found this cutie (no, not Sandy Bar) when she was about a month old. He said that he really liked her and called her Zoë, but couldn’t take her home, because he was his own grown-up German Shepherd will mistreat her. Her eyes were irresistible and we took her.

Taking care of her proved harder than we had naïvely thought, as she is much more playful than the average puppy. After a few days of futile search for a new home Hadar’s uncle took her. He probably cared for her pretty well, but after about three months he gave up and gave her back to us.

Her first night back at our home was very hard. She really hated to sleep alone and kept whining all night, but Hadar didn’t want her in her bed. At three o’clock i took a sleeping bag and went to sleep in the kitchen. She immediately fell asleep with me in the sleeping bag.

The night after that she was already quiet, but we nevertheless didn’t want to make her miserable by leaving her alone every day and started looking for a new home for her again. It was very easy this time – Hadar somehow found an adult Soviet-born lady who took her. Maybe my Russian skills helped.

It’s hard to see how cute she is at these pictures, because she is too black and way too playful to be photographed.


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