Wedding Pictures!

I got married to Hadar on 2006-10-04.

Now i finally uploaded all the photos.

They can be accessed here: Amir Aharoni’s photos on Zooomr.

Feel free to browse. I wrote comments on some of them – you may leave your own!

A comment tor the technically minded: Each of the famous photo-sharing service – Flickr, Picasa, Yahoo photos, and ImageShack – had something that bugged me. Finally i found what i wanted – it’s the new “bad boy” Flickr competitor Zooomr. They have some technical glitches, but they admit that they are beta-quality. They are good enough for me now.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Pictures!

  1. About time!
    Great photos – some were touching, some were sweet, some were funny and some classy. And then, there were a few that were just classic Aharoni.
    It was a fun wedding. I like the picture of you and I.
    Mazal Tov…
    PS – Did you censor the ones where you took your shirt off? I ‘ve got one of those :D

  2. No! I didn’t censor anything. The photographer just didn’t her job that well. ;)

    If you’ve got the photo of that wonderful moment, please send it to me.

    And by the way – I didn’t take my shirt off. Hadar did it to me and i didn’t object, of course.

  3. The magical moment is captured on video.

    I’ll try to upload it.

    You can also come and visit me and see it on DVD.

    You means You, whoever You are.

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