Kim Jong Il

Fun on Linux-related mailing lists.

When I run xpdf I get the message
"Warning: Attempt to remove nonexistent passive grab".

The program seems to run in spite of this.
I googled for the message, with a number of hits,
but none had any suggestion of a solution, or a cause.

Developers who introduce warning messages like this
should be sentenced to read the complete works of Kim Jong Il.

See Dept of Utterly Useless Error Messages.

Sadly, in reality, stuff like this happens in Linux all too often and i just don’t get it. There are free software projects with an amazing user interface – Firefox is the most obvious example. Why can’t anyone do that magic trick that made Firefox so stable and robust to a Linux distribution?

(No – Mark Shuttleworth’s money hasn’t done to Debian/Ubuntu what a bit of talent and focus of Mozilla developers did to Firefox. And i don’t remember that exceptionally big bucks were involved in its making – please, correct me if i’m wrong. Just wait and see what i am gonna write about Ubuntu soon …)


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