An Irish company called Steorn gained notoriety a few months ago when they announced that they invented a way to produce “free energy”. They promised that some kind of a device will produce energy that will power various appliances, such as mobile phones and some others that i can’t remember, but basically it sounded like it can power anything that needs electricity. Quite obviously everyone laughed at them and called their product “perpetuum mobile” – a perpetual motion device that is physically impossible. But they just called it – whatever it is – “Orbo”. The Wikipedia article about Steorn is pretty good.

Now they are announcing that they will hold a public demonstration of Orbo in July (Flash).

Notice that when the Flash movie is being loaded there’s an animation that looks like one of the famous designs for a perpetual motion device – a wheel equipped with vessels full of liquid that keeps moving and turning the wheel. It is impossible, of course – the wheel will simply stop without outside energy.

It’s nice to see that they acknowledge their weirdness in such a stylish way.

My bet is that it will be some kind of new cellphone or gadget with long-life battery or maybe a solar-powered device (although they keep saying that it is magnetic).


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