I just discovered a curious thing.

If you rename an file to a .zip file, you can unzip it and read its innards in plain XML.

It doesn’t work like that in Microsoft Office 2003, but it should be the default in Office 2007 – except the actual XML will look completely different. To make things utterly confusing, Microsoft called their kind of XML “Office Open XML”. Get it? “Office Open”, but it is not compatible with Open Office.


2 Responses to “Zip”

  1. 2 aharoni 2007-04-23 at 09:29

    Yeah, well, ELER is not exactly a source for precise information. :)

    As far as i understand it, OOXML is open to the point that it was standardized and not patented in a restrictive way. The real problem is that too often the OOXML spec says that the standard behavior is the same as MS Word’s and doesn’t define what that behavior is. So maybe the spec writers were just lazy, but with Microsoft it’s hard to know where laziness ends and dirty tricks begin. My solution – use OpenOffice whenever i can, even though it’s not that good ;(

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