Here’s an example of how i outsmart myself: I usually write down the secret PIN code for my credit/ATM card as one of the numbers in my mobile phone. If someone steals the card and the phone, i want to make it hard for him to find this number. So i write it down under some unrelated name.

My current card is of the “IsraCard Corporate Gold” brand, so i wrote it down in the phone book as ים, which means “sea”, because the first thing that came to mind as an association to “Corporate” was Mercury Rev’s line (written by Jimy Chambers) “See t’ corporal sea”. (I thought that he was singing “corporate”).

If i would have to recall it at an ATM machine, i wouldn’t have a chance. Luckily, i went over the numbers today to kill some time and moved it a more easily memorable name.

It happens to me all the time.


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