Made Me Cry – Love

There’s music that you love.

There’s music that you may call “my favorite music”. If you’re lucky, you can name at least ten of your favorite songs without thinking and if i’ll ask the same question in a month the answer will be different.

Then there’s something more special: Music that made you love music.

I know what it is for me. Eran Zur’s “Blindfold in the Middle of the Sea”; Too bad it means nothing to you if you’re not Israeli. To be more international, i’ll add Björk’s “Post”, DDT’s “Black Dog Petersburg” and Sonic Youth’s “Washing Machine”. But that’s it. So for me Eran Zur will stay the man that made me love music 11 years after i started playing piano.

But then there’s something even more special: Music that reminds you that you love music.

Today The Walkabouts reminded me that i love music. They did it with a song called “Cul-de-sac” from their 2001 album “Ended Up a Stranger”. It is a non-hit song from a non-hit album, though some established critics and at least one blogger liked it, and yet it brings together so many of the good things in rock n’ roll. A female singer that has voice and talent and soul (looks good too). A male singer that can write songs and deliver them without a great voice; A Man, OK? And guitars. And a great string arrangement. And superb contrast between a menacing verse and the beautiful melody of the chorus. The songwriter doubled the effect of the chorus by beginning it one bar later than its expected time.

That has to be the best album i listened to in a while – six years too late.

Ah, that band also had a hit song in mid-nineties on MTV Europe – the folkish “The Light Will Stay On”, thanks to which i know them. It is a wonderful song, it still makes me cry and it also reminded me that i love music, but that could be the nostalgia effect.


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