3 thoughts on “Cross

  1. Oh, simple.

    I was driving through the Giv’at-Ram campus of HUJI and i saw him crossing the street. He was cute so i stopped to watch him and saw that the poor thing couldn’t climb the sidewalk. So i helped him.

    A hedgehog is nothing – i saw a porcupine there once.

  2. Today my boyfriend Yoav stopped the car near Elyakim junction to help a hedgehog. He was probaby already hurt, because there was a bit of blood, and he didn’t move.
    This reminds me of my “Orange Turtle” story. Have you ever heard that one? I was driving with my dad in Maryland, on a highway in a very forest-y area. All of a sudden I see an ORANGE turtle (seriously, it looked radioactive) trying to cross the street. I told my dad to stop the car, and ran back, picked up the turtle and put him back down at the edge of the forest on the side he started out from. Going back to the car, I saw my Dad running towards me. He picked up the turtle, and crossed the highway with it, leaving it in the forest on the other side. Like he said: “Might as well help him get where he wants to.”

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