Slower than a motivated cheetah

In July of 2005, one citizen of the fine city of Sderot spoke to Maariv after a Kassam rocket landed near his house. This is what he said: “Carrying out the disengagement will nullify the motivation to fire Kassam rockets.”

His name is Amir Peretz and today he is the minister of defense. Israel is supposed to be a democracy, and therefore i am supposed to be his boss. I would like to fire him, but i can’t. That’s why i think that Israel is not really a democracy.


One thought on “Slower than a motivated cheetah

  1. Israel is very much a democracy. Democracy doesn’t mean you get to fire the criminals running the show. It’s a system for progressives to impose their dangerous, destructive agenda – like the annihilation of Gush Katif – on the rest of us. You should consider checking out Mencius Moldbug’s wonderful blog Unqualified Reservations. If that’s too much for one sitting, Condensed Moldbuggery will give you a good introduction.

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