The cages and the cages

I submitted a patch for Parrot and it was even accepted.

Parrot is the codename for the central part of the next version of the Perl language, Perl 6 (it’s a dynamic registered-based virtual machine, if you’re technically inclined). Because it is called Parrot, there’s a role in the development team called “cage cleaners” – the people who do all the little work without diving deeply into the magick algorithms. So i am one of them.

This patch doesn’t do much except aligning some spacing and indentation in a Perl file. But i’m still insanely excited. It is not functional for Parrot, but it helps developers write code without bugs.

More to come … i hope.


3 Responses to “The cages and the cages”

  1. 1 Anonymous 2006-08-22 at 00:18

    Audio tape archives-Beginner’s Lithuanian-Windows Media Player files-Itroduction+Lessons 1-20.

  2. 2 aharoni 2006-08-22 at 07:36

    Who are you, good person? I want to thank you, but i don’t know whom to thank.

    And why are those files there WMA? WMA is evil. Go OGG.


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