This is the “Contact us” page of the website of the Israeli Testing Certification Board (ITCB is the Israeli branch of ISTQB; see here).

Can you see any problem with it? Hint: You don’t need to know Hebrew to find it. Remember that this is no less than the Testing Certification Board.

Although it is unlikely that they will ever fix it, i made a screenshot – just in case. Click to enlarge.

ITCB contact

Oh (edit): 2007-05-22, it’s still there …


7 Responses to “Testing”

  1. 1 MeahevServi 2006-08-14 at 00:53

    Magen David is unusually too small and there is only one instance of it. :)

  2. 2 aharoni 2006-08-14 at 09:42

    In the screenshot i don’t see a Magen David at all.

    Another try?


  3. 3 MeahevServi 2006-08-14 at 15:30

    What? There’s no copyright information?

    And there is a little Magen David on the live site, in the top-right corner, right to the “ITCB” letters. :D

  4. 4 aharoni 2006-08-14 at 15:45

    Well spotted – but i didn’t mean that. There’s something really huge.

    One last try? Use the hint …


  5. 5 Shahar 2006-08-14 at 18:09

    i would have contcat you, but i’m to lazy to do so.


  6. 6 MeahevServi 2006-08-14 at 18:47

    There’s no contact form on the contact page, but there are email address, phone, fax and street address, so the contact form isn’t really necessary…

    There’s no background color – in Opera.

    There’s no taste in design. :)

    I dunno…

    If you like to play quizzes that much, you should put one on your blog, it’s not difficult…

  7. 7 aharoni 2006-08-14 at 19:58

    Shahar! You nailed it.

    Enjoy Tahina Gamal.


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