Ya Mustafa!

Look: Arabic-Chinese calligraphy and more Arabic-Chinese calligraphy.

Arabic calligraphy is so much more interesting than Hebrew, or any other for that matter. To my taste, Japanese comes second and Chinese third.

There hardly is such a thing as Hebrew calligraphy – the script for hand-written Torah scrolls is the same all the time and all the other books are just printed and we are not really concerned with handwritten calligraphy, which is a pity.


3 Responses to “Calli”

  1. 1 Deepak Gopi 2006-08-10 at 14:40

    hi from India Beautiful blog

  2. 2 Anonymous 2006-08-10 at 17:16

    I really like Japanese, and Sanskrit is gorgeous (we have it on a bottle at my lab for some reason…)
    And then, maybe I’m biased, but I’ve always like Ye Olde English calligraphy.


  3. 3 yaya 2009-10-08 at 06:28

    You may think Chinese and Japanese come second but you are wrong!!!!…in this case beauty is not in the eye of the beholder there are simple facts that make Chinese Calligraphy the greatest tradition by far (If you wish you can include Japanese in that or above that they are practically the same with the addition of hiragana and katakana). There is much more diversity of motion and shapes, more styles, more abstractness, the tool (paper ink brush)enable the calligrapher to do much more, the nature of what started as pictographic characters is more visually rich both in shape and in cultural content, it is more ancient and more and more and more. Therefore asian Calligraphy is by far the most elaborate and advanced form of calligraphy second comes the arab writing which is indeed amazing and all the rest follow according to taste

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