People Speaking – Sixth

— “Can’t you see it? We’re in the last seven years before the coming of the Messiah. Now it’s already the sixth, which according to the prophecy in the Talmud, is the year of the voices. Next year is the seventh, which is the year of the wars.”

— “So you basically say that the wars has just begun and we ain’t seen nothing yet?”

— “Oh, yes, of course. There’s gonna be the war of Gog and Magog. The great nation of Gog from the north will come and fight us with many many soldiers. Read it, it’s in Ezekiel. And in the end The Holy [G-d], Blessed Be His Name, will win. It is written that it will take six months just to bury them. Do you imagine that? You’ll gonna go in a field and you’ll see someone dead, you’ll stop for a minute, bury him and then go on. And it’s gonna be like that for six months straight. Next year.”

Here’s the relevant Ezekiel (38-39) – actually it says seven months. And if you read Hebrew, here’s the relevant Talmud passage – Derech Eretz Zuta 10. After listing the seven years it goes on to this very convincing passage:

“R’ Gamliel says: The generation in which the son of David [the Messiah] comes – the house of gathering will be that of prostitution, the Galilee will be destroyed, and the people of Galilee will go from town to town and won’t find consolation, and the wisdom of the writers will stink, and those who fear sin will be loathed, the face of the generation as a face of a dog, and the truth is absent and he who avoids wickedness is going crazy.”


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