More Music Videos

First of all, “Sugarcube” is not really number two out of hundred. I suddenly got it – the videos are ordered alphabetically. Makes sense, with Yo La Tengo and ZZ-Top at the bottom.

I discovered another amazing video there at the the Pitchfork list – Pulp’s “Bad Cover Version” on page 8. Try watching it alone and understanding it yourself and if – and only if – you get lost with all the faces there, take a peek here.

And two more, sent by friends:

  • Chacarron Macarron – Andy’s Val Gourmet – thanks to Daniel.
  • “Finnish Folklore” – thanks to MeahevServi. It is actually a flash animation, but i laughed my pants out. The Russian at the bottom says: “That’s it, this Finnish folklore got on my nerves” (but in Russian it’s funnier). N.B.: Your workplace / firewall / proxy / censorship software may filter out this movie, because it’s listed as an adult website, but there’s no pornography there.

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