People Speaking – Swimming

I’m doing an ISTQB certification course. “Rex” and “Assume” posts are related to it too. Here’s another nice one from it:

“… Sometimes it may be a good idea to formulate a bug report as a question. For example: ‘Is it supposed to crash?’ can be surprisingly effective. But don’t be cynical, like ‘So, it’s supposed to crash, eh?’ or ‘So, we went swimming yesterday, eh?’ – that’s not nice.”


2 thoughts on “People Speaking – Swimming

  1. A few days ago i received an e-mail from another developer asking: ‘i used this and that from your module and got an access violation…what’s up with that?’
    i replied: i don’t think you’re supposed to use it in such a way.
    so he asked: yes i understand, but why did it CRASH?
    to which i replied: well….why not?!

    he seemed satisfied with this response, so there was no need to actually fix anything :-)

  2. The Developers’ Paradox – they think that testers and marketers are all stupid losers, but it doesn’t keep them from writing crappy code (time to market – yeah, right) and then counting on the testers to fix it and the marketers to sell it even if no-one fixes it.

    That’s what the course is really about. The instructor taught us not to tell anyone, but i wasn’t paying attention.


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