Hi! Everybody

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that i have more regular readers than i thought i had. Hi, all of you.

They had complaints, which will all be addressed someday:

  • Everyone hates the obligatory registration to Blogger in order to leave a comment. Due to the demand i decided to cancel the obligatory registration, but i want to find some way to ask people nicely to sign their comments. Eventually i plan to move away from Blogger, to WordPress or something, but it will take time, ‘cuz i want to do it nicely. In the meantime suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your patience.
  • I call myself “Aharoni in Unicode”, but use Unicode too little. Particularly, i write too little Hebrew. I am thinking about it, too. I’m quite used to English, but i am considering some format change. Yet again, thanks for your patience.

Also – huge, huge thanks for everyone’s support on the vegetarian wedding thing.


2 Responses to “Hi! Everybody”

  1. 1 Anonymous 2006-05-08 at 11:48

    This is Aharoni in Unicode, ya mama. But i’m not logged in and i still can post! It is so fun to post a comment on your inquisitive computer blog.

    A. E. A.


  2. 2 MeahevServi 2006-05-12 at 17:20

    Shalom, Aharoni-man, kak dela? :D

    I’m a 29 y.o. guy from Serbia who came across this blog a few weeks ago and became a regular visitor in no time. :)

    I find your articles very interesting and informative and read them when ever I grab some free time. I think you’re a wise and good hearted man and I appreciate that, especially the second. ;)
    Although I’m not very fond of this blogging stuff ’cause it’s often a plain gibberish, your blog is worth of reading ’cause there’s a much more sense and “soule” in your writings, then it usally could be found on the Net.

    I particulary enjoyed your articles on recent elections in Israel and about the guy to whom you gave a ride (who hates immigrants from Russia). Made me laugh. :D And that one about the old man and his potatoes scattered all over the railroad… Actually, I saw something similar in my hometown.. and it also made me sad… :(

    I would appreciate if you would be writing a little bit more about common, everyday life in Israel, people and their businesses, general situation and stuff like that, you know. It’s not a request, far from that, I would just like to read about that. :)

    I’ll be here soon.
    Greetings from Serbia :)
    Cheers! :)

    MeahevServi :D

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