Little Lassie

Not Lassie

Not Lassie

On Wednesday i was driving home with Hadar, and outside the village i spotted a little dog that looked a little like a Pug. It had a collar and ran free in an empty place. We thought that it may be lost or abandoned and stopped and ran to look at it. It was female, very cute, trembling of fear or cold (or both). Hadar called a veterenarian she knows and she agreed to check the dog, despite the late hour.

Luckily the dog was tagged with an ID chip and the veterenarian gave us the phone numbers for the county’s pet authorities and also a pack of dog food. All for free – so nice of her. I called her Dr. Aybolit, which is the Russian version of Dr. Doolittle.

We kept her at our place overnight. She was very nervous, but went calm when we would stroke her. Our cats loved her … locked in a separate room.

In the morning Hadar made some phonecalls and found that the owner lives in Nes Harim, which seems to be close to our village when you look at the map, but only if you run through hills and woods (accordingly, our village is called Givat-Yearim, which means Hill of Woods). If one goes through the paved mountainous roads it will be at least half an hour in a car. The dog, however – her name was Clara – may have indeed ran through woods. Which is an adventure. But little Clara is a Very Small Animal, much like Piglet and not a Lassie.

Clara’s owners sent their friend to pick her up. A few hours later they called and said that it is not their dog. Luckily they are good people and veterenarians themselves, so they keep her and ran a few checks. There was some mistake with the number. Different directories list her number as belonging to different owners. At one of them she is listed as a male.

So in the meantime she is waiting for her real owners. Maybe we’ll take her eventually. To be continued.


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