Ten Million Dead Girls

Apparently in India it is illegal to reveal the gender of an unborn child to the parents, because if it’s a girl there’s a good chance they’ll kill her. A physician was jailed there for two years for this. Note that the doctor did not perform an abortion, but only revealed the gender. I thought about it from the perspective of human rights and freedoms and decided that i support the Indian authorities on this one. The doctor surely knew the law and if the child was aborted as a consequence of what he had done then he participated in denying the right to life from someone who’s going to be born in just a few months and it is just as bad.

I’m not pro-life for religious reasons. Religious and “moral” bigotry is the reason for many abortions of children born out of marriage. If a woman became pregnant from someone who’s not her husband, then she was either raped, in which case it’s not her fault at all or wasn’t so religious in the first place and should have been responsible enough not to become pregnant. If she’s still afraid that her family will hurt her if her pregnancy is revealed, then someone should help her leave this family. Violence against the fetus is not a solution for violence against the woman.

Abortion for economic reasons is wrong too. Both parents should be responsible, and if they don’t have any means to feed the child, someone should help them. Killing the child must not be an option. The answer to overpopulation is education and responsibility.

And i have nothing against abortions of children about whom it can be known for sure that they will have severe diseases.

One thought on “Ten Million Dead Girls

  1. Once I saw on the Dutch television a couple who decided to have an abortion, because they wanted to go on wintersport and she could not go if she was still pregnant.

    My first thought was: how can you? How can you actually think like this?
    My second thought was: maybe it was good that they didn’t get the baby as they would be lousy parents in the first place.

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