Gathering Moss 17 – Sad

The situation with Bibi Netanyahu is sad. As far as actions go, he’s actually doing quite alright – he’s doing his best efforts to amend the Likud constitution so that it will become more democratic and transparent and less corrupt and he’s trying to portray himself as consistent, responsible and serious. That’s good public relations work. But his actual campaigning is a disaster. His billboards suck – “Netanyahu. Strong against Hamas”. How much did he pay the copywriters for that crap? The newer one says – “Smolmert gives money to Hamas”. “Smolmert” is a wordplay on “Olmert” and “Smol”, which means “left” and it is absolutely pathetic. (Hmm, it can be spelled “Smallmert” in English … i pinch.) Likud now even uses “Smolmert” in all its “press releases”. Which is even more pathetic.

And you should really spare yourself from the sad sight which is the renewed Likud website.

Of all the PM candidates, i guess that i haven’t got much choice but supporting him and i actually believe that he has a tiny chance.

Just kidding.


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