Gathering Moss 17 – Severance and Justice

The radio reported today that Knesset members who will not be reelected, will receive severance pay of at least one salary multiplied by ten, even if they served only one term (the last term was three years). Regular Israeli employees receive severance pay of one salary multiplied by the number of years they worked at the place. Explanation: It’s hard for Knesset members to adjust to regular civilian life. Holy bullshit.

And if that’s not enough, for the rest of their life they are entitled to a free phone line, free public transportation and some more things i can’t remember now. Yes – it includes the drug dealer Gonen Segev, the tax evader Plato Sharon, and the millionaire Pnina Rosenblum, who served in the Knesset for about three days. Apparently it doesn’t include Omri Sharon, Ariel’s son, who resigned before the end of the term. That’s the closest thing to justice that happened in Israel for a long time.

(Daniel, i bet you want to shoot every one of them now.)


1 Response to “Gathering Moss 17 – Severance and Justice”

  1. 1 nev 2006-01-15 at 15:18

    yeah. words would be a waste.

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