Gathering Moss 17 – Aharoni

I decided that i shall run for Knesset. Here’s my jingle:


אם נדליק את האור,
זה יכול לעזור,
אם נדליק את האור בליבנו,

רק ביחד נוכל
למען הכלל
להביא לשינוי בתוכנו,

נצביע ביחד למען התקווה,
נצביע ביחד למען אהבה,
לילדינו ולנו המחר יאיר –
הצבע אהרוני אמיר!

In the meantime it was reported, that Sharon is again on his way to the hospital. He was supposed to go into a Coronary catheterization, but the current event is allegedly not related to it. I wish him well.

If you are using Internet Explorer and this entry looks fucked up, it’s your fault. Get Firefox already. As a technical side note: This entry uses very simple, logical and standard-compliant table layout. I don’t mean to screw it up just to make it look better in Internet Explorer.

Oh (edit): I did improve it – dumped the table and put a floating <div> instead. It’s better anyway. If you don’t know what the hell am i talking about, it’s OK. But get Firefox anyway. You’ll thank me. It’s just better than Internet Explorer by most parameters. Any problems that might arise from the switch are solvable – just ask me.


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