I Can Spell It

If Arik Sharon really wants to break some new ground in statesmanship, he should go out and tell the world the whole truth about Israel’s nuclear capabilities. And no, i don’t know anything about Israel’s nuclear capabilities. There are two reactors, in Dimona and in Soreq, and for all i know they are both civilian. And maybe not. I don’t know. But if Sharon wants to prove the world that he’s so fucking special and to do something new about the Iranian nuclear program, he should just call Iran to direct nuclear talks. But of course, he should tell the world that he’s ready to accept international observers in the Israeli reactors, on condition that the same kind observers will go to Iran. And sign the non-proliferation treaty. And then proceed like Reagan and Gorbachov did. Now that would be a revolution.

I hate nuclear weapons. Even if i am the one who has them.


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