Angry Youth

I dreamt that i have AIDS and lung cancer. I was very happy to wake up to the sound of the alarm clock – although i still thought for a minute trying to figure whether i really just dreamt it or really had AIDS and lung cancer and went back to sleep “for just a couple of minutes”.

Writing about it makes me think: dreamed or dreamt? Both are considered correct, but English specialists recommend to pick one and be consistent. Dreamed seems to be The Right Way – it’s kinda more standard (i love standard) and not irregular and it’s also pronounced more or less as it is written, unlike dreamt which is pronounced as if it was written *dremt. But then i would participate in the killing of the only English word that ends in -mt. Not nice.

Anyway, the dream was very, very depressing. I really don’t want to have AIDS and lung cancer.


1 Response to “Angry Youth”

  1. 1 starbender 2005-12-22 at 08:15

    I believe the proper word
    is DREAMT. What a weird
    looking word!

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