Th’ Rev. Mercury

I plugged th’ microphone into th’ Japanese minidisc recorder. Then i found th’ red button and pressed it. Pretty pictures of funny ladies in black and white tossed and turned on th’ silver screen behind th’ stage and there was jazz. Then music changed and more pretty pictures of record covers started jumping on th’ screen – Hunky Dory, Harmony Rockets, The Velvet Underground (1969), A Love Supreme, Son House and many many many more. And puppies too. Then band came and played songs. Grasshopper played some clarinet and harmonica and Jonathan waved his hands. Then he waved his saw. Later he bowed it too. He was really nice. He jumped around. On th’ last few songs Aviv Geffen joined band on stage and played his acoustic guitar. But ’tis not really very important.

Jonathan told us that we’re gotta serve somebody (in a funny way). He also told that he’s a Jew. I always knew it. “Jonathan” means “God given” in Hebrew. I thank God for giving me this beautiful, beautiful concert.

I hear of people living deep inside of the earth. They are really tall.


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