I don’t really want to turn this blog into a political news blog in which i fake being a professional journalist topping it with my uneducated reactionist opinion. I’ve got better things to do. I thought about that and then realized that there are no significant political blogs in Israel. In the USA they are a big deal, a real player in the political media scene. Many of them are famous in their own right and are read daily by thousands (i would name some, but i don’t know any myself, because i don’t actually care about American politics). But in Israel there are none. They exist – on Tapuz, Israblog and maybe even here on Blogger, but i have never heard about any of them; they are not mentioned in other news outlets and don’t come up high on search engines, like their American peers. Israelis – including myself, i admit – like to sound their opinions on talkbacks on the major news sites, of which there are only about five and on discussion forums, which i used to frequent once, but that’s a habit that i kicked, luckily, long ago. Almost all of it is unreadable crap, of course. And that makes me think – here, i have an opportunity to be the true voice of Israel. To be read by CNN and BBC reporters and political analyzers. To provide a balanced (yeah, right) view to the foreign public. I just need to dedicate some time to it, write well, etc. In English and Hebrew. I can speak for Israelis like me – Israelis that love their country and are proud of it, without too much religious bigotry; who also happen to be young and not too full of shit. A little like rydel, who speaks for Belarus. He promotes himself well and without too much effort on Wikipedia. I could do the same. Or i could put my time to better use. Better? Or more individualistic?

Really, could i do that?


One thought on “Politik

  1. Thanks for the link. ;)

    Actually, I kind of gave up on Wikipedia… POV-NPOV edit wars with Polish and Russian users proved to be a waste of time. Nowdays I’m just adding some small things sporadically. I still think Wiki-type editing is a great idea, but I think on controversial political/historical WP articles the end result depends on who is more persistent/stubborn with his version, not on who is more knowledgeable or unbiased.

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