You Know What You Are

I met him thanks to Eran Gitara. His name is Miron Tsabari. He’s a songwriter. His home is a dirty little mound of cement and concrete next to Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station, with shapeless walls and hardly any lighting; there is no proper kitchen or bedroom, but there are at least 5 guitars, several basses, an oud, a sitar, MIDI keyboards, 2 microphones, amps and preamps, pro soundcards, and a computer without Internet connection (he’s afraid of a virus that will erase his music files), but with 2 monitors (so he can see Cubase screens better).

We met a few times in the past and i appreciated his songwriting skills – it is essentially Israeli indie with oriental and electronic elements, reminds a little of Amir Benayoun, but with much less flare and completely original. We haven’t seen each other for a few months and then he called and said that he really wants to play live and needs a keyboard player. We decided to meet a few days later.

When i called him, his girlfriend answered and told that he had a workplace accident and is in a hospital, half unconscious. I won’t tell the long story here – i don’t have time and i respect his privacy. Anyway, he survived, he returned home and now he wants to play live more than ever. He wanted it so much, that he, in fact, already did; he tried to reach me on the phone to ask me to come along, but i was abroad. Bummer. But he will play again. And then i will come along.

He’s a songwriter. A very talented one. He’s gonna be a star. I don’t need honors for myself; it will be an honor – and a pleasure – to give a little help to a great songwriter such as Miron, to play on a stage next to him, even to a crowd of fifteen people, thirteen of which are our friends. That’s a dream i can make true without much effort.


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