Moscow Day Six. Shopping!

Today is the shopping day. I wanted to hunt for basses, so Olga took us to the Moskovski department store – there was a small musical instruments shop. I played with their basses a little, but didn’t buy. Then Hadar went gift shopping. It takes a long time for Hadar to pick up a gift. A really long time.

Then Olga took us to her favourite cafe – Propaganda. Tasty, stylish, inexpensive, veg-friendly; could work well in Tel Aviv, too. Then we visited a large bookstore (which is called, of course, the Central Book’s House – no kidding). Hadar looked in vain for Physics books in English, but i found some funny artifacts – a little book of translation to Russian of a poetess whose name is Йона Волах and an insanely expensive gift edition of something called Талмуд – трактат Таанит.

Then i went for a little more bass hunting. In a musical store i saw a red bubinga beauty called Warwick Corvette, which kicked the Ibanez acoustic away from my wish-list. I can’t play bass, but my fingers felt that that’s that. I decided to run a little sanity check on the web and then get it ASAP.

We also noticed a vegetarian restaurant near the gift shop. It smelled good and we noticed to ourselves to return there.

Then Hadar went shopping for more gifts. She finally (finally!) bought a “domovoi” – which is a Russian house-elf. The clerk rather obnoxiously kept saying the the domovoi is an obereg – a keeper, a giver of good-luck. I call it simply Avodah Zarah – but what a cute example of it.


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