The House and the Attic

So i’m flying to Moscow with Hadar tomorrow. The feeling is kinda strange, but could be stranger. It will probably be great fun. I hope that all the stories about the weird way they treat tourists will prove to be wrong. I’ll try my best not to look like a tourist, but i don’t really know how easy it will be. Hadar, of course, won’t even try.

I became vegetarian all the way. No meat, no fish, but i’m still ovo-lacto, as the veg lingo goes, which means that i didn’t dump milk and eggs and i don’t plan to anytime soon, as i love cheeses and omelettes and especially omelettes with cheeses. My parents don’t take it so well, but not as terrible as i thought. It will pass. Of course they dropped some funny phrases. Mama:

  • Well, you don’t eat meat, but if i prepare chicken, you will eat it, right?
  • But you do eat fish, right? Where will you get phosphor? You’re an engineer, you need to think, how will you think without phosphor? (Frankly – i don’t have the slightest idea how exactly phosphor is good for thinking, how much phosphor is there in fish, and what will be my other phosphor sources should it really prove necessary.)
  • Alexandra Fyodorovna, whom you’ll be visiting in Moscow, prepares wonderful osetrina (sturgeon fish). You won’t eat her osetrina? It’s so delicious! How can you do that to her?
  • So how will you go to sushi-bars now?
  • So how do you decide what not to eat? You don’t eat those that have eyes, that move, that have a nervous system?
  • I knew people who kept their vegetarian diets well and they died of cancer nevertheless. Yes yes!
  • Oh, i’ve seen that kibbutz girls at my job, they were vegetarian and they had to get vitamin B12 shots in their ass! Their ass, you heard me?! It hurts, don’t you know that?


  • Leave all that novelty stuff. You can’t be serious. You love meat, it means that you have to eat it.
  • Well, if you don’t want to kill animals … i’ve got an idea – don’t kill just Israeli animals. But it’s OK to kill Russian … why won’t you eat Russian pigs? What’s the problem with them, eh?
  • … I mean, forget about me for a second, but how can you do it to your mother? She is a scorpio, she’s really upset about it.

I’ll get over it.


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