I can’t give it no credit

I’ve got a headache. Often. Physicians have nothing to do with. I’m healthy, they say. Just be sure to sit properly at your desk, eat three proper meals and drink six glasses of water every day, they say. It all goes back to power of will again, eh?

Googling for “half blood prince download” yields the expected result. I’m sorry, J.K., you’ll have to make £179,799,991.01 instead of £179,800,000.00. I’ll repay some of it when i go to the movie; i think it’s fair. I spend my money on books that, to my taste, look better on my shelf.


3 thoughts on “I can’t give it no credit

  1. I know the curse of headaches all too well. My cure is one Tylenol, two aspirin, a hot shower, and bed. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you should chase all that with a cold Pepsi. The caffeine makes the magic combination come to life…


  2. Many thanks for the thoughtful advice, but there are a few problems – first of all, i used to be severely addicted to Coca-Cola and kicked it off a year and a half ago and i’m not getting close to any Cola drinks anymore. I don’t like medications so much either – my mother has a bad case of Paracetamol and Dipyrone addiction and i really don’t want to be like her and finance higher education, luxurious weddings and trips abroad for the children of drug companies’ owners by buying placebo every week. Bed and hot shower are always nice, but what if i have it throughout the working day, which usually is the case? And no, i don’t have tension or stress at my work. But the doctors call it “TENSION HEADACHE” and say that i’m essentially healthy. My heart is crammed in my cranium, i constantly feel a headache – and they call it “healthy”? Crap.

  3. I see your point, Pepsi and I have an unhealthy relationship. When I am standing in front of my students and can feel my pulse in my head as my brain throbs with excruciating pain there is not much I can do. And the drive home is an ordeal as well. What I do find is that the headache I feel at work is often the calm before the storm; once I get away from the stimulus and have a chance to “let my guard down” the real deal kicks in and I basically pass out as soon as I get still.

    My prayers are with you. For those who do not suffer there can be no understanding.

    whiskerz aka mike

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