Didn’t Make Me Cry – The Hooligans on the Roof of Kfar-Darom Synagogue

A popular slogan in Israel lately says: Where is the shame? That’s what i thought when i saw on the TV a bunch of kids standing on the roof of the Kfar-Darom synagogue and throwing wet paint and oil on the policemen that came to expel them. The cops were strong, and ignored the disgrace, which is perfectly fine, because doing what those kids did in a synagogue is a much bigger disgrace. I love the Israeli religious community and i will keep loving them forever, this one big family that loves everyone, but every family has its trouble kids.

And of course, “the settler leaders” are condemning their behaviour, but whom are they trying to fool? They called them to come to Gush-Katif in every legal and illegal way, so they should have expected that. I admit that if i didn’t have a job, i’d go to the Gush myself, but i wouldn’t spill paint on anyone.

So who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? The Arabs, the secular Israelis, the religious Israelis, the IDF, the Police, the Rabbis, the settlers’ leaders, the orange people, the blue people? The endlessly faithful and beautiful girls in black skirts and orange tees that cry their heart out reading Psalms while being dragged away by female soldiers, the naïve 15 year old boys who think that fighting with cops would make them the school heroes? No-one and everyone and no-one and everyone. A strange feeling creeps into me – a notion that maybe even Arik Sharon isn’t so bad afterall. Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place.


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